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Traffobit device features solution can provide many information like healthy check, running hour and alarm notification for identification genset enginee.

Traffobit device is tiny dimension, many features and industrial standard.

IoT Platform

Traffobit device design with IoT platform and connectifity bulit-in. This feature centralized, use cloud platform and integrated with data analytic, Traffobit connecting using NB-IoT, cellular or both.

Web Apps

Traffobit system will provide data with interactive chart and easy to use, user friendly and costumize as client request.

Genset Measurement

Traffobit device integrated with genset with serial communication. Many genset controller can connected with Traffobit device easily. No more time to calibrate with our system. Open protocol and lighweight bandwidth.

Genset Alerting

To avoid the failure genset running, we provide early warning system. Alerting system usefull for prediction failure in the future. Traffobit understanding the client problem, you can enjoy the day without worry with feature 'alerting monitoring system'.

Reduce Cost

Our solution is to help client to reduce cost for energy waste. With integrating device power with IoT technology, energy concumption can be controlled. So you can manage your energy consumption and reduce your bill.

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